Gym B

Session 5B: All Level 2 & 3

Open Warm Up: 8am

March In: 8:15am

Awards: 10:30am

Session 6B: All Level 4 & 5

Open Warm Up: 10:30am

March In: 11am

Awards: 12:45pm

Session 7B: Xcel Platinum

Midwest, GymSport, IK Gymnastics, Madtown, Air Force, GymStars, Middleton, Salto & TNT

Open Warm Up: 12:45pm

March In: 1:10pm

Awards: 4:55pm

Session 8B: Xcel Platinum & Diamond

Dubuque All Around, Jump Around, Midwest Twisters, Altius, Dells Gymnastics Center, Gymfinity, Infinite, Russell, Scamps & TrI County

Open Warm Up: 4:45pm

March In: 5pm

Awards: 7:30pm

2018 Schedule will be available February 1, 2018

Gym B

Session 1B: All Xcel Bronze

Open Warm Up: 8am

March In: 8:15am

Awards: 10:15am

Session 2B: Xcel Gold

Flip City, IK Gymnastics, TNT, Middelton, Swiss, OGC, Salto, Scamps, GymSport, GymStars & Livingston

Open Warm Up: 10:15am

March In: 10:30am

Awards: 1:45pm

Session 3B: Xcel Gold

Jump Around, Altius, Infinte, Air Force, Tri County & Gymfinity

Open Warm Up: 2pm

March In: 2:15pm

Awards: 5:45pm

Session 4B: Xcel Gold

Midwest Twisters, Madtown, Badger, Dells Gymnastics Center, Russell & Stoughton

Open Warm Up: 6pm

March In: 6:15pm

​Awards: 945pm

Gym A​

Session 6A: Level 7

Ultimate Fusion, Madtown, Infinite, Gymfinity, Altius, Russell & Air Force

Open Warm Up: 8am

March In: 8:15am

Awards: 10:45am

Session 7A: Xcel Silver

Air Force, Tri County, TNT, Altius, Flip City, IK Gymnastics, Russell, Livingston, GymStars, GymSport & Middleton

Open Warm Up: 10:55am

March In: 11:10am

Awards: 1:40pm

Session 8A: Xcel Silver

OGC, Dells Gymnastics Center, Stoughton, Prairie Kids Club, Scamps, Gymfinity & Jump Around

Open Warm Up: 1:45pm

March In: 2pm

Awards: 4:15pm

Session 9A: Xcel Silver

Badger, Midwest Twisters, Swiss, Salto & Madtown

Open Warm Up: 4:15pm

March In: 4:30pm

Awards: 7:15pm

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jojo LOVES the Dairy Aire Meet!

The Dairy Aire meet awards sportsmanship as well as Gymnastics: Here's the proud coaches from Air Force with their banner

Gym A

Session 1A: Level 6

Air Force, Madtown, Ultimate Fusion, Midwest Twisters, Altius, RSGA & Russell Gymnastics

Open Warm Up: 8am

March In: 8:15am

Awards 10:45am

Session 2A: Level 6 & 7's

Dubuque All Around, AMKM, RSGA, CSA, GymSport, Livingston Twisters, Racine, Middelton, TNT, Badger, Tri County & Deutsch's

Open Warm Up: 11am

March In: 11: 15am

Awards: 1:55pm

Session 3A: Level 8

GymSport, RSGA, Deutsch's, Altius, Gymfinity, Air Force & Livingston Twisters

Open Warm Up: 2:05pm

March In: 2:20pm

Awards: 4:20pm

Session 4A: Level 8

CSA, Madtown, AMKM, TNT, Midwest Twisters, Woodson YMCA, Russell & Infinite

Open Warm Up: 4:30pm

March In: 4:45pm

Awards: 6:45pm

Session 5A: ALL Level 9 & 10

Open Warm Up: 6:45pm

March In: 7pm

Awards: 9:45pm