UW Badger Quarterback Bart Huston and Soccer goalie Caitlin Clem Stand with a few gymnasts: can you tell which one's are Badgers?

We just wanted to say "Thank You" for sponsoring the 2018 Dairy-Aire Gymnastics Invitational. It seems like we spent so much time preparing for the meet and then it comes and goes so quickly, the time slips right pasture. I keep thinking, there is no whey it's over, but it is. We want to get butter and butter every year, and with your help we know we will. There will be nothing our meet would lact.
Our goal was to have an udderly great meet; we did, and it was because of sponsors like you who made it a success. 
Thanks again, and sorry for the puns. Some were good and some were not; I'd say it was about half and half. OK, OK, one more pun and "Ice Creme" (I scream).

Seriously though; thank you for supporting an event that highlights, not only, Wisconsin, but Madison, Gymnastics, and the empowerment of young girls through sport. We hope you will help support the Dairy-Aire again next year so we can do it all again.

Meet Directors: Stephanie Orkowski, and Tracey Rosenfeld 

Please support our sponsors as they have supported our great sport and our legen-dairy meet.


Fanny welcomes another team!