Jamie, Ruby and Fanny the cow celebrate a team Gold!!

We were in Madison for the Dairy Aire Invite this past weekend. J from Gymfinity always puts on a class meet, & this was another at the beautiful Monona Terrace. 

                                                                                      John Mularney: Livingston Twisters

 My kids enjoyed their competition, as well as the parents.  I can tell you we will be back; if not next year, it will be the following.  You just don’t find meets that make the parents, kids and coaches all happy at the same time.  Your meet did that.  THANK YOU!!!

                                                                           Becky Metz:  Crowley’s Gymnastics Center

​It was still the best meet my gymnasts been to this year and we're excited to bring more kids next year

                                                                                     Linda Lytle: Pardeeville Gym Club 

I just wanted to say thank you for having us. Our parents and coaches like the venue very much and its close for them compared to most of the meets offered. One thing I know that the kids and parents liked a lot was that there was trophies for the all around and the girls thought the medals were pretty. 
The coaches room for food and beverage was really nice too, great food! As coaches I liked how we could move onto the next piece of equipment without waiting around and the meet moved so smooth and your staff was super friendly. We will definitely be back next year!!  Thanks :)                

                                                                                     Tracey Troxel: TNT Gymnastics

Thank you J. & Stephanie! Once again, it was a very organized event and as always, great seeing you guys!!! :)                           Mikal & Trina Ramadan: Ultimate Fusion Athletics